There are times when you may need the support of the landlord, management company or managing agent outside of normal working hours. To allow for this your landlord or management company may have opted for our Out of Hours Support Service. If this is the case, our Out of Hours Call Centre will be able to get emergency plumbers, electricians, locksmiths to your building to address any issue you may have. The calls handled are covered within our service charge but the resulting call out to site is chargeable and you may be asked for your details to validate the call out and cover the costs.

If your development has not elected for our Out of Hours Support Service we will still deal with emergency situations only and the call costs will be charged to the development.

If the reason for the call is to deal with a life affecting emergency in the building, please make sure you get to safety first and call the relevant emergency service straight away. When it is safe to do so, notify us of the incident by reporting it directly into our Helpdesk at by raising a ticket.

If the reason for your call is to deal with damage to the development, the call centre operative will assess the need for a member of the management company or managing agent to attend site or indeed one of their contracted suppliers.

If you ring our office out of hours you will have the option to leave a message, or if your enquiry requires urgent onsite attention you can elect to talk to our Out of Hours Call Centre. All messages will be picked up during the next working day and we will get back in contact with you.